NorthStar Puzzle 50 ct w Display Box

NorthStar Puzzle 50 ct w Display Box

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Unique Features & Benefits:

Designed as a challenging, imaginative and interactive 3D brain teaser puzzle & learning tool!     

The NorthStar Puzzle is a hands on toy that stimulates imaginations and can build important problem-solving techniques. Allowing anyone over the age of six the freedom to create different shapes while interacting with friends or family in a safe environment. It's both a learning tool and a constructive, interactive, 3D game, that brings people of all ages together.   

The technique of assembly pushes the player to accomplish many skills simultaneously. Manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination are required to hold three pieces, at the juncture, in which all cross. Depending on the shape chosen, the player then weaves the remaining pieces across and behind the pieces being held, this creates pressure to hold the shape in a stand-alone configuration.   

Presently, the NorthStar Puzzle is offered in a counter ready display box, in three different color (red, yellow, purple). When fully assembled, this "action oriented" puzzle can be safely thrown like a Frisbee or be used to play catch with friends. It will come apart easily upon impact with persons or objects. The NorthStar Puzzle is something anyone, over the age of six, can readily do. Upon construction it helps lift the players self-esteem and teach learning skills used throughout their lives.