NorthStar Puzzle

Steven Machado

Family attending Expo New Mexico 2016

Son Nick E: "This [NorthStar Puzzle] is way tougher than I thought!  Mom, can I get one [NorthStar Puzzle]!?"  

Mom: "Sure, but then you will not be able to get a snowcone."  

Nick E: "I'd rather have this [NorthStar Puzzle] than a snowcone!" 

Odoo text and image block

"It's a lot more challenging than it looks.  I'm starting with the X star shape first, it is the easiest one of all three shapes."

- Justin, Florida

"The NorthStar Puzzle pushes my children to learn for themselves!"

- Christina - Home Schooling Parent, Colorado

"Clients can relax while learning important 3D life skills."

- Denise - Life Coach, Texas

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